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did you buy your copy?

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buy a copy of what?
rerelease of gp with bonus dvd of upcoming release of "shit happens"
lmao ahhh, those pictures are amazing. and ah, i want to buy a copy but i don't want to waste my money just cause it has the trailer for the DVD. does it say when the dvd is coming out?
i was thinking the same thing but i got nervous that maybe stuff on there won't end up on the actual full length dvd.

i've been told octoberish. but things always change...so yea!
Those are some sexy guys.
I considered buying the re-release, but since I already have the Ferret Music DVD, I figured I'd wait on it.
i'm definitely picking that up when i get the money.
heck yes! i love the every time i die variety show!
that beard is godly
this dvd made me laugh. funny shit. love it!
yeah. im really excited for the full length.

makes me miss them even more.